Promotional Proposal for Cygames

Enhance Brand Activation.

Zuzor is honored to work with Cygames. Our common goal is to revolutionize gaming, events, and concerts using interactive media technology that require no wearable devices. Zuzor sees opportunity and innovation in every environment, and the user always comes first.

Our intuitive technology complements Cygames' gaming expertise to create incredible experiences for users and opportunities for out-of-home settings with device-free, interactive scenarios. Our combined ground-breaking technologies will promote a dominating social media presence. We are dedicated to maintaining our leadership position in the industry through constant and continuous improvement of our cutting-edge technologies. We look forward to forming a long-term, strategic business partnership with Cygames.


Brand Loyalty

Establish long-term connections between the brand and the user through memorable experiences.

Floor Branding

Create immersive environments using versatile space design.


Social Marketing

Increase social media reach and engagement with unique interactive components.


Brand Activation for Games

Foster customer engagement for newly released games.


Interactive Environments

Set a new precedent for the escape room industry through interactive, multi-sensory environments.


Music Concerts

Enrich and amplify music concerts and festivals with dynamic and visually stunning effects.


High-end Events

Transform events through evolving, stimulating, and engaging experiences.


Trigger Objects

Create an unparalleled gaming experience with interactive relics and weapons such as swords, bow and arrows, axes, and spears.


Cygames will be the first company in Japan to integrate Zuzor’s interactive technology into gaming and entertainment, creating a strong competitive advantage. Zuzor is open to discussing exclusivity with Cygames for Japan.



(Options are suggestions and can be customized)

Promotional Installations


Standard Package:

Interactive Sculptures

Interactive Virtual Playgrounds

Vending Machines

Conferences and Exhibitions




Stage Installations


Premium Package:

Artist/Performer/DJ Movement Capture

Audience Movement Capture

Interactive Projection Holograms

Integrate into the Stage

For Concerts & Performances



Permanent Installations

EscapeRoom 2.jpg

High-end Package:

Escape Rooms

Video Game Theme Parks






The Next Steps:

  1. Develop a suite of thematic effects that draw from existing or future objects and textures from Cygames titles.

  2. Design interactions with the effects according to several levels: texture direct mapping, interaction with objects and scripted behavior, and dynamic & interactive scenario management.

  3. Create special trigger objects and markers branded to the game title.


This is a dynamic proposal that captures what we bring to the table. If you would like a standard proposal in document form we are happy to provide one. We look forward to forming a long-term, strategic business partnership with Cygames.