Interactive Digital Media Wall in Your Space

  • Utilize space creatively, in a way that encourages a collaborative workplace culture.
  • Enhance brand activation for WeWork and its tenants and members.
  • Make the WeWork space more attractive to potential commercial tenants.
    • Show prospective tenants they are valued by featuring their brand when they walk in.
  • Offer entertainment and marketing at private and corporate events.

A Brief Introduction to Who We Are

We are ZUZOR [/zo͞ozˈôr/], an experience-driven digital entertainment company local to Southern California. We're passionate about creating shared experiences that enhance productivity, motivation, and fun in the workplace. When placed in an environment with ambitious and hard-working people, our digital interactive wall experience inspires creativity and conversations. Our versatile technology can incorporate themed graphics, inspirational quotes and company logos to give venues and companies the next wow factor.

Hard Working People Shape the Space Around Them



Reinvigorate your brand in the digital age with an interactive experience in your offices.


OPTIMIZE your workplace for COllaboration

Research shows that an interactive, multi-sensory space sparks motivation and productivity.


Give your venue a technological edge

Transform events through evolving, stimulating, and engaging experiences.



Successful People Brand the Space Around Them



Dynamic and visually stunning effects make your brand memorable.


Your Brand. Your space. your experience.

Let prospective companies visualize their brand in your space.


Your brand on demand

Casual encounters and unexpected conversations drive workplace creativity and collaboration.

Tiered Experience Guide

Hallway and Communal Spaces


Standard Basic

The first tier offers installations in hallways or communal spaces. Having an interactive space where people can mingle is a perfect way to enhance the collaborative nature of co-working. Peers can discuss thoughts, share ideas, and form both solutions and lasting friendships.


Branded Basic


Want to step things up? The next tier, Branded Basic, adds branded content to an already interactive experience. WeWork can display its logo and choose effects best suited to its venue.




Branding Credits for Digital Signage


Branded Select

Branded Select includes optional branding credits under the WeWork monthly credit allocation plans. Branding credits are used to buy interactive digital signage space should the client expect important clients or host an event.




Ultra VIP Welcome Experience


Branded Enterprise

The Highest Tier, Branded Enterprise, offers WeWork’s VIP members and guests a personalized, branded message when they enter the venue. This feature distinguishes important guests and can be purchased with credits or included in yearly membership fees.


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