Pleased to Meet Zu!

Zuzor is an exciting video display technology that encourages people to move and interact in a whole new way. Developed by engineer and professional dancer Tammuz Dubnov, while still a student at The University of California, Berkeley, Zuzor's popularity is rapidly growing among event planners who want to push their events to the next level. Zuzor offers attendees a novel way to immerse themselves into a scene, whether a music festival, professional conference, hospital (perhaps to reduce anxiety in patients?), or as a fun way to connect target audiences with advertisers. 

The purpose of this weekly blog is to start a conversation about how technology is changing the human experience: how is society evolving from materialism to experientialism, where human connection and interactions are valued over possessions. While many technologies increase social isolation (cell phones I'm looking at you!) the Zuzor experience requires imagination, movement, and interaction; it instantly rewards the user’s efforts with a variety of unexpected and delightful visual effects. Interacting with Zuzor is addictive — once you start, you won't want to stop!


In the meantime, we invite you to ask questions, share observations, or comment on how you think interactive and digital technologies help unite and divide people. (Keeping it topical, polite and respectful, of course!) We at Zuzor aspire to connect people across generations and borders in our evolving world. We look forward to engaging you in our product development and evolution.