Tradeshow Booths: Turn Crowds into Clients


Take a quick look through the halls of a trade show and you’ll see that bordering the crevasse of every wall is a creatively designed exhibit. Whip your head to the right and you’ll find the latest in bath-wear innovation; turn left and you‘ll see claims of the Dalai Lama’s favorite toothbrush. When it’s your turn to market your business at a tradeshow, a certain question resides: how does a business distinguish itself in a sea of corporate creativity?

Trade shows and conventions are tried and true mediums through which individuals and companies can promote their latest innovations. These trade shows give exhibitors the opportunity to meet, or at least showcase their business, to a great number of people. They simply give the business a personality. However, many vendors, despite their active participation in trade shows, are unable to attract the foot traffic they desire. The issue often lies not in their product, but in their presentation.

A business that markets itself with an interactive component has an inherent edge over the competition. Surface reality stands as a verifiable medium that creates more engaging content and elevates brands through experience-driven associations. Best of all, surface reality is entirely customizable. The more customers interact with a brand, the more likely they are to remember it. These associations become a mental reference when they reflect on the takeaways from their experience. It’s the companies that have successfully developed this association with customers that get prospective calls and emails starting with “Hi, I saw your exhibit at the trade show and…”.

It’s no secret that these exhibitors fight for customer interaction. They’ll offer candy and drinks to a passerby in the hope they’ll take a second to check out their product. These marketing methods, due to their ubiquitous nature, are fairly ineffective. When every exhibit offers you a Snickers and a salesman smile, you tend to keep to yourself and move forward. It’s only the grand and unique exhibits that truly take your attention. Surface reality, still in a relative stage of infancy, has proven itself as an ideal advertising medium that captivates the attention of any passerby.

Marketing a business has changed drastically over the past few decades. The internet continues to rise as the most popular marketing method, but in close second comes conventions and trade shows. Unlike the internet, the best part about marketing a business at a trade show is that those in attendance are already interested in the industry. If it’s your job to sharpen your funnel and turn the crowds into clients, it’s our job to help get you there.

The Zuzor Team