The New Age of Branding


We live in a world that’s constantly under attack – by information, that is. It seems like everywhere we look, we’re being bombarded by an information overload: advertisements, news, and media all flying at us at a dizzying rate, only to evaporate almost instantly after we’ve received it. But in this climate of over-stimulation, how do brands and companies communicate with their audience? How do they stand out among the constant barrage of information?

Beyond Competition

To stay relevant in today’s business landscape, brands shouldn’t try to compete with the noise; instead, they need to go deeper. And that’s where experiential marketing comes in. Experiential marketing creates immersive, live and interactive moments for consumers, to not just draw their attention, but to create memories that last.

Zuzor: Lasting Experiences Through True Engagement

To answer the call for a truly engaging branding experience, Zuzor, an experiential engagement company, has created an immersive solution any company can use to create deep and meaningful experiences with their audience. Zuzor turns any wall or surface into an interactive digital canvas that responds to human movements through sensor-based technology. Through this innovative solution, brands can customize their clients’ experiences, capturing not only their attention, but creating long-lasting memories.

Zuzor’s easy-to-use software can be customized to fit the needs of any company, allowing for content that is timely and refreshing, further deepening the company-client bond. With a simple wave of a hand or footstep, moving waves and breathtaking images captivate, entertain and engage users, increasing and prolonging foot traffic and resulting in higher brand recognition. Imagine walking into a new hotel and its walls change color as you pass by, or entering a fully digitized exhibition in a museum, bringing art to life – this is exactly what Zuzor can do for businesses.

Endless Uses, Countless Experiences

Zuzor’s solution can bring brands to life in almost every industry. For retail organizations, hospitality and nightlife, Zuzor creates moments made for social media engagements. For corporate events and trade shows, Zuzor captivates attendees, resulting in lead generation and delivering important brand messages. For museums and sporting events, the solution immerses participants in the activity, leading to increased popularity and higher revenues.

Launch at DSE

This experiential engagement software has been presented at conferences around the world, and it’s already used by giants of the tech world, such as NEC and Epson. But, the users’ best chance to experience Zuzor will be during the Digital Signage Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference is taking place on March 26th-29th, and will be Zuzor’s official industry launch. This groundbreaking solution will be available in three different showcases: in the event’s Launch Pad exhibition at booth #1148; their display by the entrance in the ‘X Zone’; and finally the CEO and COO will be giving a 30-minute presentation during ‘THE X’ experiential showcase.

If you are attending DSE 2019 this March, don’t miss Zuzor’s experiential engagement solution—because with Zuzor, your brand may never be the same.